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Friday, 28 July 2006
The last few years have proven to us and our customers that our niche is in web design. We can proudly say that we are one of the leading companies in web design, with a customer span from Cyprus to Greece and all the way to Ireland, UK and the USA.

With many EU and Cyprus web design projects completed and even more in the pipeline, ArtFX Web Design & Hosting is bringing to Europe and especially to Cyprus Web Design a new breed of websites and web design techniques. We are creating each and every website with leading techniques, using the new web2.0 technologies, for websites that are alive and interactive. And each one of our website creations is built  with designer templates, for a look to impress with style.

Our customers are happily recommending us to more, as their experience so far with ArtFX is our principle of friendliness, care, patience, affordable pricing and high quality & standards. Customer care and perfection in our delivered products is our utmost priority.

As our web design and web hosting customers are growing fast, we are entering in a new phase of expansion and in October we are enlarging all our departments in order to quickly and efficiently satisfy more new customers.
Visit our web design section and web design portfolio and view some of our elite web site designs. Or have a look at our web hosting packages.

Quality web design and e-commerce / shopping cart is the way to go for a business future that is relying more and more on the internet.

Welcome to ArtFX
Thursday, 16 February 2006
ArtFX has only recently opened its operations in Cyprus and is already pushing the market frontiers.

Since its recent formation in September 2005, ArtFX Cyprus has been involved in many large scale projects and is quickly establishing itself in the Cyprus market. The new ideas, ways of marketing and advanced technologies of ArtFX have not gone by unnoticed by the Cyprus market. Already many large companies are enjoying the products and services of ArtFX with returns to their investment.

ArtFX is offering a wide range of products and services, such as:
  • 3d Modelling, Animation and Rendering
  • 3d Architectural Perspectives
  • Professional Web Design and e-Commerce
  • Web Design
  • Web Hosting
  • Media Streaming
  • e-Commerce
  • Shopping cart solutions
  • Advertising & Production Services
  • DVD Authoring and Mastering
  • Property Web-Marketing and 360° Visualisation
  • Computer Networking, Support and Custom Software Design

Here on this website you can browse our products and services, have a look at our portfolio and find means of contacting us to discuss your company's needs and requirements.

Our Web-Designs
Mercedes Benz Cyprus

The Mercedes Benz Cyprus Website
Nicosia Dental Polyclinic

The Nicosia Dental Polyclinic Website
Cyprus Space Exploration Organisation

The Cyprus Space Exploration Organisation Website
Gemgolf Ireland

The Gemgolf Website
Danos Law Firm

The Danos Law Firm Website
Melios Pet Park

The Melios Pet Park Website
Cyprus Police Association

The Cyprus Police Association Website
Cyprus Legal Services

Love Lofou

The Love Lofou website