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Web Hosting
You may already have a website and you are just thinking to move it to a better hosting solution.
Or you may be thinking to build a new website and are simply looking for the right place to host your website.

Whichever the case, ArtFX has the right plan for you.

We have highly-available servers, located at a state of the art co-location facility, ready to host your website and e-Commerce solution. Our hosting facilities are proven to give you a 99.8% availability, a figure which is really hard to beat. This means that rain-or-shine your website will be available on the web and visible to your precious audience.

We offer the following hosting packages:

Europe Servers

NEW Packages:

These are our brand new European based packages, 4x - 20x faster and even more reliable than our previous USA based servers.

These servers are offering the added advantage of serving European customers at an extra fast speed.

Guaranteed 99.5% availability.


ArtFX Silver Plus
  • 75MB of space
  • 750MB of bandwidth
  • 5 email accounts
  • €7.50 per month / €75 per year

ArtFX Gold Plus
  • 150MB of space
  • 1.5GB of bandwidth
  • 10 email accounts
  • €15 per month / €150 per year

ArtFX Platinum Plus
  • 350MB of space
  • 3GB of bandwidth
  • 20 email accounts
  • €30 per month / €300 per year

ArtFX Diamond Plus
  • 1GB of space
  • 7GB of bandwidth
  • 40 email accounts
  • €75 per month / €750 per year

All our hosting packages come as standard with:
  • CPANEL - the industry standard advanced administration tool,
  • web statistics - to analyse your traffic and see how many visitors you have,
  • ftp - to upload and download files to your website,
  • email - pop3, imap and webmail - which gives you many email addresses for your company as
  • php - which allows you to have dynamic programmable web pages for advanced users
  • mysql - which allows you to design your database and host your data on your hosting package
  • backup - all your data are automatically and safely backed-up daily
  • domain parking - if you have bought a domain name, you can point it and park it on your hosting package and send visitors via your domain name to your hosted website.

ArtFX Hosting Terms and Conditions.
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